As a New Rembrandt Show Opens, This Dutch Charity Is Bringing Terminally Ill Patients to See It

As a New Rembrandt Show Opens, This Dutch Charity Is Bringing Terminally Ill Patients to See It


The Rijks museum’s show “Every one of the Rem-brands” will mean much more interest to pay a last visit to the organization.

There’s noteworthy Dutch philanthropy that helps those with the withering wish to visit the Rijks museum satisfy their fantasies, and when the Amsterdam establishment last sorted out a noteworthy Rembrandt appear, it saw more demands than any other time in recent memory.

KeesVeldboer, the originator of the philanthropy Ambulance Wish Foundation, which has composed in excess of 50 trips for at death’s door patients to the Rijks museum, expects that significantly more individuals will need to see another display of 400 works by the Dutch ace, “Every one of the Rembrandts,” which denotes the 350th commemoration of the craftsman’s passing, than they did amid the exhibition hall’s mainstream 2015 show “Late Rembrandts.”

The blockbuster show, which unites the majority of Rembrandt’s works in the gathering of the Dutch national workmanship exhibition hall, opened to people, in general, this previous end of the week. There are 22 sketches among the 400 works in the “unique display,” which to a great extent includes illustrations and prints. By correlation “Late Rembrandt,” which the Rijks museum co-sorted out with London’s National Gallery, including 40 artistic creations, numerous on credit.

The philanthropy is occupied all year. It awards five or six individuals’ desires multi-day, says Veldboer, who propelled the association with his better half, Ineke, who is a medical caretaker, over 10 years back. Every “visitor” gets a teddy bear named after the principal individual Veldboer helped—an old mariner who needed to see Rotterdam’s harbor one final time.

The withering individual’s exceptional visit from their home, medical clinic, or hospice is administered by a prepared attendant, while the ambulances are driven by expert volunteers. One driver, Roel Foppen, snapped a picture of a lady lying on an emergency vehicle stretcher taking a gander at Rembrandt’s self-representation as an elderly person. In 2015, he told the BBC that he snapped the picture while he was with someone else whose withering wish was likewise to see the display, somebody who had been a customary historical center guest, Foppen reviewed.

Numerous individuals’ withering wish is to see their home, the ocean, or visit the zoo for one final time. Visits to exhibition halls commonly happen after the establishment has shut to the general population. Emergency vehicle Wish’s latest visit to the Rijksmuseum was in December, Veldboer says. Veldboer has additionally taken an ongoing visit to the adjacent Van Gogh Museum with one in critical condition individual.

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